What is Dual Diagnosis?

In your research of addiction recovery programs in Utah, we’re sure you’ve seen the term “dual diagnosis”, but what exactly does it mean? How does it help in your path to recovery over addiction?

When it comes to substance dependence such as drug and alcohol addiction, there are multiple factors that contribute, dual diagnosis identifies and separates out the two separate illnesses, the substance abuse and the mental ailment such as depression or anxiety. By identifying these two factors separately, we are able to create a recovery and treatment plan for each illness. This allows our therapists and nurse practitioners greater freedom in creating a recovery plan with you. Because recovery is a team effort, we co-create the recovery and rehabilitation plan with you, to meet your specific needs, talents, and goals.

The dual diagnosis process includes exploring your personal history, key relationships, current skills and abilities, and your support network.  From there we can make a meaningful difference in your recovery by connecting with your reality and discovering your innate talents through expert treatment. Through individual and group therapy with our psychotherapist, weekly individual and group sessions with a substance abuse counselor our highly trained staff will help with the difficult journey of recovery. We do not take a passive approach to therapy as work together to bring about rehabilitation.

If you or a loved one is currently struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, contact us to learn more about our addiction recovery program in Utah. Set in the beautiful mountains of Midway, our inpatient recovery facility and superior staff are ready to help.   

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