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Chateau Recovery First Responder Resiliency Program

First Responder
Resiliency Program

Protecting those who protect us


Fraternal Order of Police Approved Provider Facility

FOP Approved Provider Facility

As of July 2020, Chateau is a vetted and approved treatment center for members suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression, familial adversity, social stress, and substance abuse.

1 of 6 Endorsed Programs

Being recognized by the National Fraternal Order of Police is no small feet. As of 2021, the FOP has only vetted and approved six facilities in the US. 

Getting Help While On Duty

Chateau helps First Responders navigating department EAPs, receive support while remaining on active duty, and at the residential level.

Transition Support

Our support system continues beyond our facility. We help responders with their Self Leadership Plans, ongoing Resiliency Training, and agency aftercare support.

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Even our strongest can use help

First responders have a high exposure to trauma during their careers. Repetitive trauma results in physical and mental fatigue which can manifest as job stress, PTSD, anxiety, depression, family problems, and addiction.

of first responders have experienced symptoms related to mental health conditions

first responders are 5x more likely to experience depression & PTSD

of first responders feel there would be repercussions for seeking counseling


We have the experience to help

Chateau looks beyond just adjusting behaviors, we explore the core reasons impacting your mindset, trauma, and environment. We utilize comprehensive trauma informed therapies like the Arbinger Outward Mindset.

of first responders agree mental health is as important as physical health

of first responders believe that counseling generally helps you get better

of responders would seek help if a leader spoke about their experience

Our 6 Dimensions of
First Responder Wellness

The 6 Dimensions look at underlying issues that fuel problematic behaviors. We provide professional support to help organize and address mental health and substance concerns. At Chateau, we help First Responders identify goals, skills, and motivators to help overcome challenges and create a fulfilling life.

6 Dimensions of First Responder Wellness
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Aftercare Support
& Transition

At Chateau Recovery, our ultimate goal is to help you overcome your addiction, avoid relapse and build a fulfilling life. Our commitment to your wellness goes well beyond residential treatment. Continued support is key to ongoing mental and physical health. 


Family Support & Education

Chateau provides Responder family and community support. We believe that the off-duty environment plays a huge role in the overall wellness of First Responders.

12 Month Agency Responder Aftercare 

First Responders who enter our residential program can count on ongoing support both from our alumni resources but also with continued communication with departments. 

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You don’t have to continue living with an addiction or suffering in silence through a mental health condition.

Give us a call or send us a message to get started on your path to recovery.

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