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Chateau Recovery Facility

Getting Started

Let us help you on the road to recovery

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Chateau Makes Reaching Out Easy

Getting the help you need should be simple. Fill out the contact form below and we'll get back to you quickly to discuss your needs and your best course of action.

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Initial Contact & Assessment

We discuss current concerns, medical and psychiatric history well as any drug or alcohol abuse. We will discuss our recommendation about treatment options. 

Planning for
Your Stay

We will in contact with your prior to your stay to discuss what you should bring and what we provide for your stay.


See our packing list - HERE

Payment & Insurance

Chateau contracts with many providers. We discuss these questions and verify your insurance benefits during our initial contact. 

Aftercare & Alumni Network

 it is key for those in recovery to have access to a support network.

At Chateau, we believe firmly in staying in touch with our alumni for continued support and feedback.

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