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About Chateau Health & Wellness

Healing in Utah's Wasatch Mountain Range

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The Chateau Wellness Mission

To empower and equip those who strive for hope, health, and a new mindset in recovery. We believe in working with you and your support network to break free from the stigmas of addiction. We provide you with the help and resources to enjoy life-changing sobriety.

Building Strong Foundations

Your mindset informs how to problem solve, react to others, live your values, and take risks.


Developing a healthy mindset impacts your ability to achieve and maintain positive results

The Importance of Growth

Learning from failures, asking hard questions, determination, and trying new ideas are developed when focusing on growth.

True empowerment and independence are born in personal ownership.

trauma trained support, treating the whole self

How Chateau
Helps You

At Chateau, you are more than a number. Lasting recovery happens when treatment is deeply personal. We share new ideas and tools for the 6 dimensions of your life. Your care and treatment is designed around your needs and challenges.

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Trauma Trained Support

Because trauma and stress are processed in your mind and body, interventions that include both are often recommended. 

Our clinicians, peer support specialists, and modalities help with current & past trauma.

Treating the Whole Self

Accepting, exploring, and treating all 6 dimensions of your whole self is key to understanding your unique development, needs, and resources while preparing for your journey forward.

How We Help
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Personal Care With 16 Beds

With no more than 16 clients at any given time, we are able to provide a strong therapeutic community and peer support.

Year Round

We operate 365 days a year and are available for stays up to 90 days. 

Mature Population

Treating individuals 30 and over ensures that clients are going through treatment with their peers and with individuals in a similar phase of life.

Individual Wellness Focus

Individual attention & access to professionals allows intimate groups to be more vulnerable and ultimately more effective.

Staying at Chateau

Chateau is a safe and peaceful setting to overcome your struggles. Our luxurious and calming settings are perfect for reflection, planning, and rebuilding.

Our Facility
Young Family

Our Alumni Network

Your path to recovery doesn’t stop when you leave Chateau Recovery. Healing is ongoing and finding a support system is critical.

The time you spend with us is only the beginning of a lifelong journey. Staying connected with recovery and others who have shared similar experiences in life can increase your chances of successful sobriety.

Staying Committed

Our care and support continues once you’ve completed your stay. We know integrating into the real world can be difficult but Chateau is here to help with the transition. 

Shared Experiences

Since 2012, everyone who has stayed with us has undertaken a personal wellness journey. We continue on our personal path together with our shared stories.

Staying Connected

With group & family therapy, our team is ready to help you through every step and ensure your continued success.

Advocacy & Support

It is key for those in recovery to have access to a support network.

At Chateau, we believe firmly in staying in touch with our alumni for continued support and feedback.

Our Team
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