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Chateau Recovery

Industry Leaders in Mental Health & Wellness Treatment

Residential Treatment
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Residential Treatment

Chateau offers a comprehensive and flexible experience that serves the whole individual. We can accommodate 16 clients at a time for up to 90 days.

We have consideration for different dietary needs (vegan, gluten-free, etc.)

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Chateau's Amenities

Feeling comfortable during your stay is key to the recovery process. Chateau provides easy access to nature, physical exercise, individual and group activities, and expert care all in a restful environment.

Activities & Cuisine

Healing encompasses physical activity as well as nutrition. Chateau offers a local gym, hiking, biking and more. 

We pride ourselves on preparing delicious and nutritional food to aid in the recovery process. 

First Responder

First Responder Resiliency Program

Our Resiliency Program provides professional support to help organize and address mental health and substance concerns. Chateau helps First Responders overcome personal challenges and create a fulfilling life.

FOP Vetted and Approved Wellness Program

Chateau Recovery is 1 of only 6 treatment centers nationwide that is vetted and approved as wellness provider for its members. 

Providing help for first responders is a core part of our wellness identity.

Getting Help While On Duty

Chateau can help you navigate your department's EAP or receive treatment while remaining on duty in a safe, confidential way. 

Our goal is to empower First Responders and improve their mental wellbeing.

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Business & Medical

Chateau is a safe, peaceful & comfortable setting to overcome your struggles. Our calming settings are

perfect for reflection, planning, and rebuilding

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Professional Wellness

Business Professionals

Mental Health in the Workplace

On the job stress contributes to decreased performance, productivity, engagement, communication, and daily functioning. Mental illnesses are associated with higher rates of disability and unemployment.

Promoting Awareness

Chateau provides training and tools to help you recognize the signs and symptoms of stress and depression. Our team of qualified mental health professionals work to break the stigmas of mental health and addiction in the workplace.

Substance Abuse
& Addiction

We excel at helping individuals overcome addiction and find sobriety as well as treating behavioral addictions. Our team is highly experienced at guiding you through the treatment process 

Substance Abuse

Healing the Whole Self

Our approach to addiction doesn’t just stop at addressing addictive behavior. Our professionals delve deeper into the root cause of the addiction to help you have a greater chance of a successful recovery. 


Often, addictions are caused by an underlying issue and substance abuse can exacerbate an untreated mental health condition. We help identify underlying causes.

Teen Psychologist

Aftercare Support
& Transition

At Chateau Recovery, our ultimate goal is to help you overcome your addiction, avoid regression and build a fulfilling life. Our commitment to your wellness goes well beyond residential treatment. We believe continued support is key to ongoing mental and physical health. 

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Transition Support


Comprehensive Treatment

Continued support after you leave Chateau is key to continued wellness. We provide support meetings, resources, and a strong alumni network as well as ongoing mindfulness and resilience training.

Transition & Alumni Support

Chateau provides family education and support for our alumni as well as self-leadership plan creation. 

We also provide alumni exclusive resources to help with your aftercare.

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