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Ben Pearson

Clinical Director

Diverse Professional Experience: Over the past 19 years, Ben Pearson has developed a profound understanding and expertise in working with adolescents, families, and professionals under various challenging conditions. His career has spanned a range of vital roles, from conducting home consultations that include de-escalation, family interventions, and high-risk transports, to implementing family therapy sessions and reunifications.

Impactful Roles and Achievements: Ben's commitment to recovery and mental health is reflected in his previous role as the Clinical Director of an intensive outpatient treatment program. There, he played a crucial role in clinical interventions, group work, case management, and assisting clients in rebuilding their lives from scratch. His experience also extends to over 15 years in wilderness treatment, where he initially served as an instructor living in the wilderness for three years, followed by a decade as a clinician working with adolescents and families from across the country.

Leadership at Chateau Recovery: As the Clinical Director of Chateau Recovery for the last nine years, Ben has led a specialized clinical team, focusing on treating first responders for the past five years. His responsibilities include providing clinical supervision and training for the clinical and program departments, developing the unique clinical client curriculum, facilitating individual and group sessions, and co-facilitating weekly in-house first responder support groups.

Contributions to Mental Health and Substance Abuse Fields: Ben is recognized for his contributions to the mental health and substance abuse fields, having presented at several regional and national professional conferences. His insights and expertise in addressing issues related to mental health, trauma, and addiction are widely respected.

The Chateau's Approach: Under Ben's guidance, Chateau Recovery offers trauma-informed and highly individualized inpatient care for first responders and other professionals grappling with mental health and substance abuse challenges. The program is known for its clinical intensity, comprehensive trauma-specific resources, and commitment to improving the overall well-being of individuals and families.

Personal Life and Interests: Outside of his professional life, Ben is an avid soccer fan and enjoys fishing. He is actively involved in home remodeling projects and loves exploring the wilderness with his wife and their five children, creating lasting memories and experiences together.

Ben Pearson
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