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The Benefits of Comfort During Addiction Treatment

When shopping for a treatment center, it is important also consider the amenities. Comfort during treatment can help an individual through long-term withdrawal symptoms, allowing them to comfortably dig deeper and heal.

The Body and Mind Are Both Healing

After detox, the substances may have left the system, but the individual's body and brain are still recovering. The time after detox is crucial. Those who had a very serious addiction take time to heal from the toll that drugs and alcohol took on their body. If an individual took a copious amount of substances or struggled with an addiction for a long time, it will take time to physically recover and adjust to life without it.

A condition called Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, or PAWS, can cause those who are in recovery to experience symptoms of withdrawal months to even a year after detox. These symptoms include mood swings, irritability, fatigue, soreness, and insomnia. Having that extra physical and emotional comfort that is not often available in larger clinics can make this time that much easier.

Creating a Space to Focus On Healing

Smaller clinics like Chateau put an emphasis on comfort because our clients need a space to heal. We focus on amenities like nutritional cooking, physical activity, nature exposure, and mindfulness practices to assist in healing the entire person. Wellness is vital during healing. When an individual is addicted to substances, their body is unwell. The substances cause damage from the inside and out. In order to recover, the client needs a space that focuses on personal wellness and healing.

Different Types of Comfort

Emotional Comfort

This type of comfort at a treatment center allows the mental healthcare professionals to keep in mind how a person emotionally feels during their time there. The most basic form of emotional comfort is trauma-informed support. This tends to be a baseline consideration in many treatment centers.

Other considerations include having empathy for the client, taking the time to understand the source of their pain, giving the client space to open up, as well as accepting the entire range of human emotions.

Those recovering from addiction are emotionally raw. They cannot hide behind their substances. They are out in the open. This can cause a lot of anxiety and fear for individuals. Allowing a space where a client feels safe enough to be vulnerable can offer them that much-needed emotional comfort.

Physical Comfort

These amenities focus on taking care of the state of the body. Addiction tears the human body apart. Those who experienced addiction might be physically out of shape and eating poorly. They might have poor self-care practices and lack a decent sleep schedule.

Physical comfort in treatment could include things as simple as comfortable furniture and recreation spaces, exposure to nature, access to nutritional food, and physical activity. A treatment center might also teach a client how they can contribute to their own comfort by teaching easy self-care practices.

How Comfort and Amenities Help Addiction Treatment

A Stress-Free Environment

Physical comfort and emotional safety offer our clients less to worry about. Those who are recovering from addiction are plagued with instability in their lives. We offer refuge and a chance to get back on their feet and start living life. They can instead focus on taking back the reins in their life and managing the important parts of them.

Stress is a major source of addiction. Those who started using substances often started in response to dealing with stress in their lives. It is counterintuitive to have an environment that is stressful when individuals want to better themselves.

Focusing On What’s Important

As mentioned earlier, physical comfort allows a person to focus more on getting better. Some take time to open up, but because they feel safe at Chateau, it becomes that much easier. There is less to be afraid of when it comes to letting down walls and digging deeper into their internal issues.

A Humanizing Experience for Your Loved One

One reason why people might hesitate to seek treatment is because of the horror stories of going through the treatmentsystem. Many might have had poor experiences at treatment centers that lacked amenities.

The place they went to get better was just a room with an uncomfortable bed and a blank white wall. There was not a community. There was not a focus on the person as a well-rounded individual. They did not feel like a person there. This can be especially triggering to a person with low self-esteem and self-worth, which is common for those with addiction.

Going to a clinic that prioritizes comfort brings back the human aspect that cannot be found many times in the treatment system. Comfort in a clinic is proof that we care about how our clients feel when they are here. They are not just a number. They are not just hidden away in a room until they “feel better.” They get to be a whole person.

The Holistic Approach to Getting Better

Comfort and amenities allow us to treat the whole person. We recognize that those in treatment thrive when their emotional and physical needs are being met. The process of recovery is not just stopping drug or alcohol usage and then everything is fine.

Recovery involves repairing new and old wounds and building something better. Comfort in treatment allows the space to do just that. Additional amenities become necessary because every person has a different way of getting better.


If you or your loved one is struggling with poor mental health or addiction, they should look into a treatment center that cares about how their patients feel. Addiction recovery can be a stressful and intense process. Feeling emotionally and physically comfortable can help a person feel safe enough to open up. This means they are less likely to relapse because they were able to get the most out of treatment. While at first, it might seem indulgent to go past the basics, spending more for a higher quality treatment experience can help individuals struggling with addiction get the care they need. Chateau provides the highest quality of care and comfort so you or your loved one can have successful treatment and feel better than before. We are just one call away. To learn more about what we have to offer, call (435) 222-5225 today.

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