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Finding The Best Treatment Centers in Utah

Finding a residential treatment center in Utah is easy, especially considering that there are more than 80 treatment centers alone in the greater Salt Lake City area.

However, finding the RIGHT treatment center… the one that’s perfect for you and fills your every need… could be more difficult. It will take some serious study and research, but if you read this article and follow the steps we recommend, then you should be able to find that perfect treatment center for your needs and requirements.

In this article we’ll talk about addictions and the treatments that are currently being recommended and used. We’ll talk a lot about treatment centers and give you information on how to find the right one, choose the treatments you will need, what to look for in a treatment center, and what to bring with you when you go to a center for treatment.

No two treatment centers in Utah are alike so the place to start is in knowing about your addiction in great detail, knowing what recommended treatment protocol is best, and having a list of everything you will need from start to finish.

Then, you can begin to research the centers in your area and match their programs, services and availability against your list of requirements.  You will also need to evaluate costs and insurance acceptance provisions or financing availability.

Let’s begin by looking at the basic addiction recovery possibilities and treatment programs.

The First and Most Important Factors is a Successful Treatment Program Starts with You!

There are certain factors that improve the likelihood of successful long-term recovery. There isn’t any singular model in recovery but there are certain basic elements that will make or break the successful outcome of a treatment attempt.

It doesn’t matter the type of treatment program you enter, here are the first thing to think about and resolve before you even begin:

Willingness to Change.

It’s the first step that needs to be taken before anything else can be considered.  Are You Willing To Change?!  How committed are you?!

Other people in your life want to see you change but the only thing that matters is if you, or the person undergoing treatment, want the change.  Also, what matters a lot is how bad they want it or how committed they are to attaining success and a change in their life.

Positive Mental Attitude

You have to believe in your ability to take on this challenge. The road to recovery from an addiction is a rough one and there’s no room for cowards or wimps, it takes nerves of steel and the ability to overcome obstacles to get the job done.

You’re going to need some ‘fire in your belly’ and some strong convictions that you can do this, that you are not afraid to take on the challenge, that you will win the contest and emerge the victor.

It a true Head Game!  And you need that mental strength and conviction to succeed.

Emotional Strength and Stability


You are going to need an inner calm and be able to keep the emotions in check. There was a time for emotions but now that time is past and you need to cultivate a strong and sure mental attitude.

You need to guard against fear, anxiety, and depression because those are the very things that contributed to your addiction in the first place. Weakness in this area can and usually will lead to relapse.

Well Structured Program

During your addictive life you were most certainly off balance, running wild, totally unstructured, and predictably unpredictable. In order for your recovery and treatment program to work you need to be the opposite, have a clean and clear daily schedule and routine, a structured treatment program and training system, and no room for confusion.

Plan your work and work your plan. Make each day count by following your chosen path, adhering to your schedule, getting the work done, eating and sleeping and relaxing, and staying within the boundaries you have set for yourself.


Keep busy and don’t get bored. Keep you day filled with activities and don’t start a habit of sitting and dwelling on your problems.  Keeping yourself and your mind active and busy will promote success in your recovery program.

Sweat Equity

You have to work hard but it pays huge dividends in the end.  You will reap what you sow; if you dive in and work hard you will gain ground daily and reach your success sooner.

You cannot afford to slough off and be lazy.  It won’t help you at all and in fact might work against you.

Your Support Team


You need a good, strong, and available support team.  These have to be clean and stable people in your life that haven’t contributed to your addiction and sincerely want to help you recover.

You have to surround yourself with people who are committed to helping in your recovery and willing to be there, take part, and contribute in many different ways over the time of your treatment program and also, very  importantly, in your life and continuing recovery process following treatment.

The Essential Elements for Success in Any Addiction Recovery Program.

Almost any addiction is considered to be treatable. Notice that I didn’t say curable… I know of no addiction that is proven to be curable. If order to treat an addiction there is a logical process of identifying and analyzing the addiction, discovering the severity of the addiction, and finding the proper treatment methods and components necessary to treat the addiction.

Let’s look at the essential steps towards finding and successfully entering a recovery treatment program that will work for you.

Assessment and Evaluation


As mentioned earlier, identifying all aspects of an addiction and finding the best rehabilitation program is not going to be easy. It can be very confusing and very frustrating.

Identifying and evaluating an addiction is a job for the professionals and can be dealt with a couple of different ways.  I would recommend a telephone survey first. Most high quality and successful treatment centers offer a no obligation telephone based interview and analysis. It’s only a beginning step and once you find a center that looks right for you it will then most likely be necessary to complete an in-house residential assessment and evaluation.

Impossible to do over the phone, a residential evaluation will normally be conducted with a staff of skilled specialists who can work with you for several days and learn the full aspect of your addiction and understand it in great detail.

Understanding that in addiction every person’s situation is completely different, an analysis will be completed including your age, gender, substances used including all addictions, your physical health, mental health and stability, family situations, and your relationships.

With this comprehensive evaluation in hand they will be able to determine the best course of action and develop an effective rehabilitation plan and program designed personally for you and your exact treatment and rehabilitation needs.

Withdrawal and detoxification.

The first necessary part of any addictive treatment program has to be withdrawal or detoxification. This is not necessarily considered to be therapeutic but in order to work with an addictive patient all chemical build ups in the body need to be removed and a stable physical condition achieved.

Withdrawal involves both physical and also psychological affects that show up when active usage or participation in an addiction stops.

You could see physical reactions like shaking, nausea/ vomiting, heart rate spikes, sweating chills and even fever. Emotional effects might be anger, irritability, moodiness, or anxiety and depression.

Withdrawal usually only lasts a few days and is usually not life-threatening but medical supervision, if required, is usually available in most residential treatment programs.

Best Types of Therapies for Addiction Recovery and Treatment.


Modality in Medicine: modality mo·dal·i·ty (mō-dāl’ĭ-tē) n.

A therapeutic method or agent, such as surgery, chemotherapy, or electrotherapy, that involves the physical treatment of a disorder.

The best and higher quality Recovery and Treatment Centers will assess and usually accept patients from all backgrounds. Regardless of race, creed, religion, or color… an addict is an addict.

They truly care for those who struggle with addictions and will work with them regardless of any previous treatment or recovery experience.

These amazing Treatment Centers offer a wide range of treatment and therapeutic programs. Because patients may be in differing stages of their addiction and recovery processes it is necessary to offer and utilize numerous therapy Modalities:

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

Motivational Interviewing

ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy)

Group Therapy

Individual Therapy

Family Therapy

Canine Training Program

Art Therapy

Music Therapy

Experiential Therapy

12 Step Groups


A recovery and treatment Center will usually have the 12 step programs available or be able to recommend programs available to you in your area.

Depending on the addiction and the needs of the patient a number of proper 12 step groups will be available.

Meetings are usually offered numerous times every week and attendance will depend on client needs and preferences. Attending meetings will help strengthen and reinforce a recovery program. Here are some popular group categories:

  1. AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)

  2. NA (Narcotics Anonymous)

  3. CA (Cocaine Anonymous)

  4. CoDA (Co-Dependents Anonymous)

  5. ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics)

  6. LDS 12-Step

Integrated Mental Health Care


Addiction is usually accompanied by certain mental issues related to the addiction. Issues can include anger and violence, strong anxiety and depressions at all levels.

A recovery and treatment program will diagnose and include any mental issues in the treatment.

They watch for a Dual Diagnosis which is a combination of a physical addiction coupled with one or more mental problems.

An integrated approach to treatment and rehabilitation will address co-occurring addiction and mental health issues at the same time. The services and resources generally include a mental health assessment, therapy in individual or group form, and psychiatric therapy.

Choosing the Best Addiction Treatment Center

There are so many recovery and treatment centers available that it’s very difficult to know which is the right one for your individual needs or those of your loved one.

You want to find a Center in your desired location and one with the right programs for you.

We have created a really comprehensive checklist to help you in choosing the right treatment center for you. It also includes a checklist showing what to bring when you check in to a center.

You can access this checklist and print it or save it by clicking the link on this page or the one provided here.

Here are some other important considerations when you are searching for the perfect Treatment Center:

  1. Must have a proper legal entity such as a Corporation, LLC, or be legally registered as a Sole Proprietorship.

  2. Should have State recognition and license, a Joint Commission Accreditation, and all professional staff should be skilled and trained professionals. Licensed Clinicians should be at a Masters Level or Above with A Low Client to Therapist Ratio.

  3. An Individualized Clinical Program with Multiple Treatment Modalities, available with A Full 7-day Schedule of Clinical programming for residential treatment and counseling, with housing in the Same Location, including continuity of care from intake and detoxification through an extended care program.

  4. A strong Family Program Including counseling with Continuing Care.

  5. A stellar Internet reputation including honest reviews from actual patients, a website with current staff bios and active Social Media.

  6. Recognized leadership in the local community and with charitable and ethics organizations

Your Next Step

As you study and evaluate Recovery Treatment centers in Utah, I would like to invite you to look at a very special Center with a unique program and remarkable track record of success in treating addictions.

Chateau Recovery Center.  Nestled in a Beautiful Secluded and Peaceful Mountain Setting Conducive to Recovery.

Deluxe Accommodations, Spacious Rooms with a View,

intimate, with a balance of comfort and professionalism.

“Healthy body, mind, and spirit are the results of quality recovery. Complete, healthy and personal balance is our constant focus at Chateau Recovery. We provide a safe, peaceful, and comfortable environment to practice new lifestyle changes. Each of our clients enjoys a spacious room, great food, and a balanced schedule that provides time for reflection and professional direction. The resort town of Midway, Utah and a strong local recovery community provide the perfect backdrop for the challenging task of self-improvement.”

“Our program staff is highly trained in dependence, understand the difficult journey you are undertaking and are not passive observers support, perspective, and creative opportunities are constantly available when this kind of team supports you in your recovery. Together we can help you construct a balanced path to a healthier and more meaningful life”

Chateau Recovery Center
Addiction treatment center in Midway, Utah
Address: 375 Rainbow Ln, Midway, UT 84049, USA
Hours:  Open today 6 AM– 12 AM
Phone: +1 435-654-1082
Questions? Reach out today. We’re here for you. Contact us anytime, call +1 888-971-2963
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