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Benefits of a Small Recovery Center

Chateau Recovery's intimate residential Utah treatment program has helped thousands overcome trauma, depression, anxiety, and substance use.

What Chateau Recovery Offers

Our holistic treatment center located in Utah’s Wasatch mountains provides lasting recovery because the treatment we offer is deeply personal. Our clinician-to-client ratio of 1:4 allows greater access to different therapeutic treatments and more one-on-one support.

At Chateau, treatments will not be limited due to overbooking. This allows for a wide range of possibilities that enable your treatment to be tailored to fit your needs without any snags. The time you get with our clinicians allows for more vulnerability, which means more effective treatment. The size of our recovery center creates an environment that fosters peer support and a strong therapeutic community.

This is also true for many small recovery centers across the nation. There are endless benefits to choosing a smaller recovery center over a larger one. Many might hesitate when choosing a smaller recovery center. The assumption is that smaller means more it is expensive; however, that is not always the case. Many of the smaller recovery centers can be affordable.

Only 16 Beds

Chateau only offers 16 beds which allows for our programming to focus on you as an individual, instead of treating you like you are just a number. There are plenty of benefits for smaller programs like ours. This article explains why you should consider a smaller program over a larger one.

It Feels Like a Family

The closeness of smaller recovery centers can feel more like a home and less like a facility. Larger recovery centers tend to feel a lot more like hospitals. Smaller recovery centers can focus more on comfort while you are going through extended withdrawal after detox.

The programs can give you the personal time needed to establish a relationship and express empathy for your situation.

Many smaller treatment centers incorporate togetherness through activities and group therapy, allowing these bonds to grow.

It’s Easier to Get to Know People

Some larger treatment centers can have as many as 50 other people getting treatment. A smaller group means it is easier to get to know people on a deeper level. This is true for the clients, as well as the clinicians.

Group sessions can become more comfortable because you are likely to see those same people every day and learn more about them on a personal level. Getting to know people on a deeper level can help you build up trust and feel more comfortable being vulnerable.

Getting to know people can also mean getting a chance to make lifelong friends, letting you expand your recovery network. You will not just be another face, but an entire individual that people will be happy to see and get to know.

You Won't Slip Through the Cracks

A common reason why treatment is not successful for people who enter larger treatment centers is that their needs and mental health go unnoticed. Clinicians can accidentally overlook the underlying problems of a client due to the number of people they see every day. A larger group of clients can also allow someone to avoid addressing their deeper issues.

In a smaller recovery center, it is harder to hide behind someone. The attention is on you, and it is easier to receive deeper one-on-one support from professionals. You can receive that vital one-on-one attention and address the deep-seated issues that are causing addiction. At a larger treatment center, you run the risk of relapsing because you have the potential to avoid taking care of your deeper problems. In a smaller treatment center, that is not a concern.

Your Needs Are Addressed as an Individual

Another downside of larger recovery centers is that they tend to have a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. This is due to their large size and the number of patients they receive. Larger treatment centers typically also do not have as many resources to consider you as an individual. As a result, your specific situation is likely to be ignored, and you can end up being just a number.

A smaller treatment center can look at your background to tailor a treatment plan that is right for you. They can look at what you enjoy, how you think, and what you struggle with the most. From there, the center can develop a strategy to make sure you get the most out of treatment. This also allows clinicians to adjust the treatment strategy if it does not seem to be working, rather than ignoring the signs and continuing treatment without changes.

It Forms a More Tight-Knit Alumni Community

Inside treatment, you form a strong support system that keeps you going despite the hardships you might face. Outside treatment, you become a part of a close addiction recovery community as well. Chateau values alumni support, as well as continued aftercare.

Our alumni are still present in our community to help others going through recovery. This includes those who still attend group sessions, receive therapy, and attend mindfulness and resiliency training classes.

The size of our recovery center allows us to not only stay engaged with you while in residential treatment, but also with our alumni, meaning you will have our support even after receiving treatment. Continued support is vital after recovery because sobriety is a lifelong effort. A closer community allows for our clients to lean on their community when things become difficult.

There are many benefits to choosing a smaller facility, beyond what is mentioned above. There are countless other reasons why a smaller recovery center is perfect for your treatment journey. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to call. We are happy to answer any questions you have about what we have to offer.

You deserve the best treatment. Addiction is not easy to overcome, which is why it is important to try the best treatment available to help you overcome and eventually recover from a lifelong disease. At Chateau, you are treated as an individual. We consider your background, diagnosis, and personality when we tailor your unique treatment plan. What matters most is doing something that works for you, not just what works for one person.

One size does not fit all, and our treatment center lets us give you our full attention. To learn more, call us today at (435) 222-5225.
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