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Danny Warner


Professional Excellence and Diverse Background: Danny Warner's leadership as the CEO of Chateau Recovery is underpinned by an extensive and diverse background in business operations, strategic alliance formation, and turnaround management. His career is marked by significant roles in various sectors, demonstrating his adaptability and business acumen. Prior to his current role, Danny held key positions including President of Mediconnect Global and its offshore operations, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Klever Marketing, Inc., and Founder and President of WO Investing, Inc. His tenure in these roles was characterized by the successful implementation of new business initiatives and the revitalization of struggling operations.

Academic Foundations and Early Career: Danny's solid foundation in Economics and History from Brigham Young University provided a springboard for his varied career. His journey through senior leadership roles, from Vice President of Operations and Sales at PerfectPractice to Director of Business Development at, and a strategy consultant role at The Monitor Company, reflects his ability to deliver outstanding results across diverse business landscapes.

Personal Commitment to Change and Recovery: Perhaps the most transformative and personally rewarding experience in Danny's career has been his role as a trail walker and counselor with troubled teens at the Anasazi Foundation. This role allowed him to directly impact the lives of young individuals facing challenging circumstances, guiding them towards positive change and self-improvement.

Personal Life and Values: Away from his professional responsibilities, Danny is dedicated to his family, sharing a fulfilling life with his wife Melissa and their four children. His love for the outdoors is evident in his enthusiasm for soccer, tennis, skiing, and a profound appreciation for animals.

Philosophy and Vision: Danny's belief in the transformative power of the programs at Chateau Health and Wellness is not just professional but deeply personal. He states, "I believe in what we do. I know our program works; I have seen it first hand. I am continuously in awe as I witness our clients’ success, reach or exceed their goals, and re-establish precious relationships with those they love. As an individual begins the rebuilding process, it’s inspiring to watch their lives transform as they regain hope. I consider it an honor and privilege to be a part of their journey.”

Danny Warner
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