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Expert Mental Health, Trauma, & Substance Abuse Treatment and Rehab Center in Utah

Holistic Healing in the Wasatch Mountains

FOP Wellness

The Chateau Difference


Dedication. Focus. Experience.

Since 2012, Chateau Health & Wellness has helped thousands of people to overcome mental health, behavioral, and substance use challenges. At Chateau, you will learn how to turn your challenges into opportunities for lasting and fulfilling personal growth.

For over a decade, Chateau Health & Wellness has provided the security needed to break the bonds of addictive behaviors with education, treatment & resources. Our Master's Level Clinicians and trauma-informed staff provide a safe and supportive backdrop for a therapeutic culture where change happens daily.

We believe lasting recovery happens when treatment is deeply personal which is why our team is dedicated to creating custom plans. We provide long term tools for your care and treatment designed around your needs and challenges.

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Privacy in Utah's Wasatch Mountains

Chateau Recovery Mountains

Chateau Health & Wellness is located in the dramatic glacial carved peaks of the Wasatch Range just an hour outside SLC.

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Chateau recovery Facility

16 Bed Facility

The focus should be on you. Smaller facilities allow for more intimate healing, clinician camraderie and a stronger recovery network.

Treating 26+

Treating individuals 26 and over ensures that you going through treatment with your peers & individuals in a similar phase of life. 

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Focused On Healing the Whole Self

Chateau's 3 Pillars of Success

Read More About Our Pillars of Success >

Our pillars pillars help address trauma, addiction and unhealthy relationships to build a plan that reinforces healthy habits and ways of thinking.

  • Holistic Approach to Finding Balance

  • Adopting a Growth Mindset

  • Enhancing Stress Resilience

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Window of Tolerance

Learn More: Understanding Hyperarousal & Hypoarousal >

Ultimately, the journey towards expanding the window of tolerance is one of self-discovery and empowerment. 


By cultivating awareness and resilience, individuals can transcend the confines of past trauma, embracing a future characterized by emotional balance and well-being.

Family Therapy

Identifying The Cause 

Learn More: Dual Diagnosis >

Addressing both mental health concerns and substance abuse is crucial to treating the whole self. Chateau Recovery specializes in dual diagnosis.

Treating  The Whole Self

Learn More: 6 Dimensions of Wellness >

Recovery is more than a quick fix. Altering all 6 dimensions of your life takes time, treatment options, support, and direction.

Window of Tolerance
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The Chateau
Wellness Journey

Personalized Treatment for a Fulfilling and Sustainable Life

*You do not need a Substance Use Diagnosis

We Accept Insurance

Chateau Also Accepts State Workers Compensation

Call For A Free Verification of Benefits | 435-441-4401

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Don't see your insurance? Call to find out if your policy covers treatment.

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