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Utah Recovery and Rehabilitation Treatment Centers for Alcohol and Drugs

An Inpatient Rehabilitation Center Is Your Best Chance

What do you look for if you have a crippling addiction and are desperately seeking a lasting treatment and rehabilitation solution in Utah?  Is the cost or inconvenience an issue with you? Do you try it ‘cold turkey’? Do you look for a good ‘Do It Yourself’ Program? Do you look for the cheapest options? Would you be looking for the fastest way out or some quick fix?

The first thing you must understand and seriously consider is that overcoming an addiction means not only overcoming the physical dependence but also managing the behavioral and social issues.

Sometimes the psychological aspect of an addiction is harder to deal with than the physical one.

You will need to change the way you feel, the way you think, and the way you behave and interact with others.  It’s a full circle and very complicated process that requires a heavy duty commitment from you and a lot of hard work and a dedication toward achieving a positive and lasting end result.

If you do a careful and honest study of your options and if you want a recovery and treatment that will work and last, then you will come to realize that an Inpatient program at a Utah Inpatient Rehabilitation and Treatment Center is going to be your most logical and best option.

In this article, we will try to help you by providing up to date and factual information about your Inpatient Treatment Center solutions in Utah. We’ll explore all of the characteristics of a good program and look at methods to help you find that perfect place for your own special needs and requirements.

The first Step is Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

The very first step in an addiction recovery program, regardless of whichever program you choose, is detoxification. You need to immediately eliminate the physical dependence on your addictive substance and an Inpatient treatment Center almost always offers a detox program as part of their service menu.

It’s so much easier to detox at the same place you are receiving your rehabilitation and treatment because it will be part of your overall recovery program and can be done alongside your regular work there.

An Inpatient Treatment Center will have professionals on staff 24/7 to monitor your detox progress and help you deal with the withdrawal but if your addiction is serious and the detox is dangerous then treatment in a medical with health care professionals might be required.  Your Inpatient stall can help you assess your needs and make that important decision.

The Process of Detoxification

The  Detox needs of each individual will be different depending on the addiction, the degree or intensity of addiction, and the type of substance of the addiction. The Detox Process at an Inpatient rehabilitation and treatment center in Utah will look like this:

  1. Evaluation

A skilled and professional team will evaluate each incoming patient for physical issues and determine the level of expertise and medical treatment and medications might be needed. Often the treatment center can bring in outside medical assistance and the detox can still be handled in-house.

As part of the evaluation, there will also be a complete and comprehensive study of histories including substance abuse, medical and psychiatric information which will all be used in setting up the patient’s long-term treatment program.

  1. Stability

The patient must then be immediately stabilized medically and psychologically so that they may safely and comfortably proceed with their Inpatient treatment plan and program.

  1. Entry into Treatment

The last Detox step is entering into the treatment program. The patient is informed about their program and the next steps and what to expect.

A nice smooth and easy transition from a Detox situation into a normal physical healing and a regimented treatment process is desired.

Side Effects of Detox

Detox can be dangerous and painful depending on the circumstances of the addiction and the withdrawal symptoms can be quite uncomfortable.

Medical detox is crucial in serious drug addictions and it’s important for those patients to complete their detox in a safe and comfortable environment with medical supervision and a degree of normality is reached before they transfer to an Inpatient Centre for the rest of their treatment program.

The most common withdrawal side effects include:

  1. Nervousness

  2. Anxiety

  3. Insomnia

  4. Mood swings

  5. Nausea

Inpatient and Residential Treatment Centers

An Inpatient recovery and treatment center offers the greatest level of care with a medically supervised detox program and highly sophisticated and extremely effective rehabilitation services, rendered 24/7, by a highly trained, professional, and caring staff. Care in an Inpatient Rehabilitation Center is sometimes called hospital-level acute care. This refined level of care is not available in other options.

There are a lot of options available and the treatment programs vary between Centers. Your best options depend on the experience of the staff, the different types of therapies offered, the comfort, cleanliness, and features and characteristics of the facility. You need to find the exact one that suits your requirements and needs.

What is an Inpatient Rehab Program?

The specialized Inpatient rehab programs, or sometimes referred to as Residential Treatment Centers, where residents in various treatment programs live full time in the Centers.

The program lengths are usually 30 days but sometimes longer, depending on the condition and status of the patient.  Some patients might have been through a treatment program at the Center but had a relapse and are going through an extended program. More serious cases may take 60 to 90 days or even longer.

An Inpatient Residential Rehab Center provides its own unique style of accommodations. Some are pretty simple with shared rooms and cafeteria-style meals. The focus is on the treatment and not the comfort and luxury of the housing. They usually do offer light recreational activities like billiards/pool and ping-pong.

You may find some Luxury or Executive Centers around that offer hotel or resort style luxury rooms and gourmet meals and a long list of amenities including a swimming pool, spa, and a workout room.

Getting Ready for Your Inpatient Rehab Program and Preparing For The Center

Many patients show up at the Rehad Treatment Center totally unprepared, with no idea of what to expect, what they will need to bring, and leaving personal arrangements undone.

It’s really important to carefully prepare for rehab and make sure that you know what you need to do in advance. You will need to have an agreed upon entry date established beforehand and then take care of the details before you arrive.

Here are a few things to take care before entering rehab. They include:

  1. Be sure to talk with your employer, fill them in on the details of your treatment and how long you will be gone.

  2. Make sure that your family will be taken care of during your absence.

  3. Make arrangements for getting to and from the rehab center

  4. Finding out what you’re going to need while there and be sure to verify what personal items are allowed.

Family Support and Contact in Inpatient Rehab Center

Quality Inpatient Rehab Centers know how important family is to successful recovery. Family members can almost always contact loved ones in residential treatment. Family contact helps to provide emotional support to the patient and tremendous encouragement in their progress through the program.

The Inpatient Center’s policies vary from one to another but usually the only exclusion is when family contact would be unsettling or interruptive to the treatment progress at that time.

Inpatient rehab Centers support family health and will usually provide options for counseling the patients’ family.

Daily Life at a Rehab Center During Inpatient Treatment

The beauty of completing your recovery and rehabilitation at an Inpatient Rehab Center is being able to focus entirely on your recovery without the common distractions of daily life.

Your day is tightly regimented and your time filled with meetings and training with counselors, therapists, psychologists, and other treatment specialists and aside from meal times, some recreational breaks, and personal time in the evenings, your days are completely filled with your recovery program.


How to Choose an Inpatient Treatment Center

Treatment programs and services vary from one Center to the next and the needs and requirements for every patient who needs  treatment is different. In order to find the right Treatment Center for you it’s important to ask the right questions and compare options. We have compiled a list of important questions to ask when seeking the right Treatment Center. See below:

Some basic Questions you might ask when choosing a rehab program and Center:

What types of addiction does the Center treat?

Some Inpatient programs only treat drug addictions. Others might treat alcoholics and drug addictions at the same time.  Some Centers treat other addictions like Sex Addictions, Smoking, etc.

It’s important to find a center experienced in treating your specific addiction with a full range of therapies and treatments that are specifically related to your addiction recovery requirements.

Do they offer or include detox in their treatment programs?

Some Rehab Centers offer or include rehab in their programs. Others don’t deal with rehab at all and only accept patients into their recovery programs after they have completed their detox elsewhere.

The best options are to include detox in the same Center as your Recovery treatment program and depending on the severity of your addiction many Centers will include it.  You need to ask and make sure your detox is covered somewhere.

What types of therapies are offered?

We may know that our particular addictions are treated at a Center but we also need to know what treatments are being offered and the details of each.

What are the main therapy methods? Are they traditional, non-traditional, and individual and/or group counseling, and what about unique treatments and therapy techniques such as yoga, art, music, or athletic programs?  There may be a lot of options to explore.

What credentials and licensing does the facility and staff have?

It’s crucially important that the facility and staff of your chosen Treatment Center are licensed and certified in every way.  The facility must be inspected, licensed, and approved.  The staff must be educated and trained and accredited in their specialties and licensed to practice by the State governing boards.

Please! Do not subject your chances of success to questionable treatments offered by Amateurs and Unprofessionals!

What about the costs and payment options?

The treatment options vary depending on the needs of each individual seeking help. Each treatment program is designed and created by the professional on staff during the evaluation period and a specific personal program will be offered.  There is no ‘cookie cutter’ answer to the question about cost.

It’s possible that a company policy or your health insurance will cover the cost or a partial portion of the cost of your treatment program.

One of the first steps in the evaluation process at a treatment center is determining the total costs and discovering the possible methods of payment.  There may be scholarships, financing options or other possible options for payment. Your treatment Center will assist you and do everything possible to make the program available to you.

Your Next Step

As you study and evaluate Recovery Treatment centers in Utah, I would like to invite you to look at a very special Center with a very unique and proven success in treating addictions.

“Nestled in a Beautiful Secluded and Peaceful Mountain Setting Conducive to Recovery we offer Deluxe Spacious Rooms with a View and Accommodations in an Intimate setting that provides a Balance of Comfort and Professionalism.”

“Healthy body, mind, and spirit are the results of quality recovery. Complete, healthy and personal balance is our constant focus at Chateau Recovery. We provide a safe, peaceful, and comfortable environment to practice new lifestyle changes. Each of our clients enjoys a spacious room, great food, and a balanced schedule that provides time for reflection and professional direction. The resort town of Midway, Utah and a strong local recovery community provide the perfect backdrop for the challenging task of self-improvement.”

“Our program staff is highly trained in dependence, understand the difficult journey you are undertaking and are not passive observers support, perspective, and creative opportunities are constantly available when this kind of team supports you in your recovery. Together we can help you construct a balanced path to a healthier and more meaningful life”

Chateau Recovery Center

Addiction treatment center in Midway, Utah

Address: 375 Rainbow Ln, Midway, UT 84049, USA

Hours:  Open today 6 AM– 12 AM

Phone: +1 435-654-1082

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