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Megan Lautz | Nutrition

Megan Lautz nutrition

Megan specializes in tailoring nutrition to the first responder lifestyle. She helps firefighters and police officers make impactful nutrition changes in an imperfect environment. All while considering the lack of time, energy, and money.

No One Fights Alone is a podcast that aims to provide listeners with up-to-date mental health resources, while also giving them an opportunity to hear stories of overcoming adversity from people across the country. Through interviews and conversations with individuals who have faced or are still facing adversity, we strive to show how it is possible to make progress no matter what life throws at you. We’re here to provide listeners with knowledge and understanding so that no one feels alone in their struggles. Our goal is to arm our listeners with information, resources, and perspectives about mental health that can help them on their journey of self-improvement. With our podcast, we hope to create a supportive online community that can help others to learn, grow, and find strength in knowing they are not alone. We invite our audiences to join us on this journey of self-discovery by sharing their stories or listening to those of others.

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