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Self-Care Tips During COVID-19

The pandemic has affected everyone’s lives in a number of ways, and the stress, change, and worry it has caused can take a toll on anyone’s mental, physical, and emotional health. Especially during these unsure times, it is important to prioritize one’s health and self-care practices to keep a healthy, positive outlook.

COVID-19 has caused many people to overhaul their lifestyles, as gyms may be closed, communities are unable to meet, and even some congregations and religious groups are having to find new ways to get together and worship. However, there are still options to maintain a healthy lifestyle even during quarantine or under social distancing guidelines, and daily use of these self-care tips can help create a more productive day, even in a COVID-19 world. 

Overcoming Cabin Fever

Feeling trapped in one’s house is a common feeling. However, it is still possible to find ways to get out while still social distancing. Going on a walk, jog, or hike are all common ways for an individual to feel the fresh air and get their bodies moving. Redecorating or rearranging furniture inside the home can also introduce a refreshed feeling to one’s living space, helping to combat cabin fever. 

Maintain a Routine

Even while stuck at home, it is important to keep a morning alarm and to have a daily hygiene routine. Getting out of one’s pajamas, taking a shower, and feeling fresh can go a long way for a person’s mental health, and can help each individual start the day off right. These routines can also help a person further structure their days, allowing them to dedicate time for both their work-from-home responsibilities, as well as their self-care. 

Trying a New Hobby

Picking up new hobbies can be difficult, and can come with a large learning curve. However, trying new hobbies can also be a way to fill up a lot of one’s time, and can help a person embrace the changes going on in the world. Art and cinema therapy excel during this time and even have online communities built around their analysis to help a person remain social. Even doing puzzles, playing video games or board games, or even learning crafts like woodworking can all provide important stimuli. These new hobbies can be incredibly beneficial in addressing feelings of “lost time” due to the coronavirus as a person learns new skills or explores new communities during this time. Having a project or new hobby can continuously reinforce feelings of progress and success each day. 

Make Time for Communication

Staying connected may be difficult during these times, as families have difficulty seeing each other in person, but there are ways to address this loss of social connection. Emails, text messages, phone calls, and video chat programs are all paramount for staying connected with others. Having a weekly schedule to call loved ones, or even a weekend video call at a set time can add consistency and help a person fulfill some of their social needs. Seeing others, even through a screen, can break down feelings of isolation. 

Self-care is more important than ever during this time and is necessary to combat feelings of anxiety or depression that may accompany such changes in your lifestyle. While quarantine can make life feel stagnant, self-care is a way to keep refreshed through such difficult times. It is important to acknowledge that all of this change is a lot to cope with. Self-care isn’t about pretending that there are no problems, but rather finding new ways to cope with the present stressors, making self-care essential for dealing with the continued effects of COVID-19. 


COVID-19 has continued to affect each person uniquely, and coping with all of the changes on a daily basis can be incredibly taxing. The lack of a self-care plan can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety, which can become incredibly destructive during unsure times, and may even lead to turning to drugs or alcohol as a result. If you or a loved one are struggling with the stresses of daily life in a COVID-19 world, the knowledgeable team here at Chateau Recovery can help you. We pride ourselves on creating personalized, curated recovery programs that approach your unique situation in a way that impacts you, and can continually adjust to meet your personal needs and goals in recovery. For more information on how we can create a specialized plan for you, or to learn more about our varied approaches available at our facility, call us today at (435) 222-5225.

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