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Tyler Teuscher

Director of Admissions

Professional Journey in Residential Treatment: Tyler Teuscher's involvement in residential treatment began in 2014, marking the start of a significant career dedicated to helping those in need. He has been an integral part of non-profit treatment centers such as First Step House and The Haven, bringing his expertise and dedication to these roles.

Leadership and Financial Expertise: After completing his stint in residential treatment in 2017, Tyler joined Mountain Valley Recovery, where he took on the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). His financial acumen and leadership skills were key in this position, contributing to the center's effectiveness and efficiency.

Commitment to Mental Health and Substance Abuse Causes: Beyond his professional duties, Tyler has actively served on multiple boards of directors for local non-profits. These organizations focus on assisting individuals struggling with mental health and substance abuse, reflecting Tyler's deep commitment to these crucial social issues.

Role as Director of Admissions: In his current role as Director of Admissions, Tyler takes pride in helping people overcome the barriers to receiving necessary treatment. He finds fulfillment in guiding individuals to find the best possible care, tailoring solutions to their specific needs.

Personal Life and Interests: Outside of work, Tyler's interests include enjoying the outdoors, spending quality time with his family, and indulging in movies and games. These activities provide him with a balanced and enriching personal life.

Tyler Teuscher
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