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Tim Messina

Lead Tech

Tim is an avid outdoor enthusiast whose life has been shaped by a deep passion for nature and outdoor recreation. Born and raised in the Adirondack mountains in New York, Tim developed an early love for the outdoors– finding solace and inspiration in the mountains, forests, and rivers that surrounded his childhood home.

As he navigated through life, Tim discovered the profound impact that recreation had on his mental well-being. Recognizing the therapeutic benefits of nature, he became an advocate for mental health and sought ways to share holistic healing opportunities with others.

Tim's journey led him to a fulfilling career as a wilderness therapy field instructor in Utah. In this role, he combined his love for the outdoors with his genuine desire to make a positive impact on people's lives. Guiding individuals through the challenges of the wilderness, Tim witnessed the transformative effect that nature could have on mental health. 

Tim's journey took a significant turn when he discovered an opportunity at Chateau Recovery. Drawn to Chateau's values and their holistic approach to mental health, Tim joined the team with enthusiasm and dedication. In his role at Chateau, he found a platform to integrate his passion for recreation with evidence-based therapeutic practices.

In his work, Tim emphasizes the interconnectedness of mental and physical well-being, fostering an environment where individuals could explore their emotions while engaging in weekly activities. His commitment to creating a supportive and therapeutic space in the wilderness made him a trusted mentor for those seeking personal growth and healing.

Tim's experience reflects not only his love for recreation but also his dedication to promoting mental health and well-being. Whether scaling a mountain peak or guiding individuals through their personal challenges, Tim exemplifies the profound impact that aligning one's passion with meaningful work can have on individual lives and the broader community.

Tim Messina
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