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Sarah Tucker

Admissions Coordinator

Meet Sarah, our dedicated Admissions Specialist at Chateau, whose commitment to helping others stems from her personal journey and unwavering passion for wellness.

With a deep dedication to ongoing education in health and wellness treatment methods, Sarah holds a DBT certification, reflecting her commitment to enhancing her expertise in aiding others.

Her professional journey in the treatment industry began in 2017, leveraging her own experience of maintaining sobriety since 2016. Transitioning to admissions in 2018, Sarah found her calling in extending care and support to individuals struggling with substance use and mental health issues.

Sarah's passion for her job is deeply rooted in her personal experiences. Having once sought help herself, she's driven by the desire to offer the same care and hope that she received during her recovery journey. She sees her past challenges as a message of hope to share with those feeling lost or in despair, aiming to guide them toward healing.

Beyond her work, Sarah finds joy in service work, fitness, attending concerts, singing, exploring new places, and indulging in her love for sports. She's an avid Harry Potter fan and shares her home with a beloved dog and two cats.

For Sarah, the value of her recovery and the ability to live a fulfilling life are precious gifts. She cherishes the hope for a future that she once struggled to envision and is immensely grateful for the journey that led her to where she is today. Her personal experiences and dedication to service make her a compassionate advocate for individuals seeking healing and transformation at Chateau.

Sarah Tucker
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