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Louis Manai

Program Director

Distinguished Military Service: Louis Manni, a seasoned veteran of the United States Armed Forces, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his role as Program Director at Chateau Health & Wellness. His honorable service with the 75th Ranger Regiment during Operation Freedom’s Sentinel in Afghanistan is a testament to his resilience and leadership.

Personal Journey in Mental Health Recovery: After completing his third deployment, Louis embarked on a personal journey navigating mental health recovery. This experience profoundly impacted his perspective and approach to helping others facing similar challenges.

Commitment to Helping Others: Inspired by his experiences and conversations with fellow veterans, Louis discovered his calling in assisting individuals struggling with mental health issues. His firsthand understanding of these challenges enables him to empathize deeply with clients and tailor programs to their unique needs.

Creating a Healing Environment: As Program Director, Louis is dedicated to developing the best possible programs for clients undergoing the recovery process at Chateau Health & Wellness. He states, "Each day, I strive to help create the best possible atmosphere for healing and growth. My hope is that any person, regardless of their background or experiences, can find a safe and productive environment to deal with addiction and mental health here at Chateau Health & Wellness.”

Vision for Recovery and Growth: Louis's vision for Chateau Health & Wellness is anchored in his belief that a supportive and understanding environment is crucial for effective recovery. His leadership is characterized by a commitment to creating a space where individuals can heal, grow, and rebuild their lives.

Louis Manai
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