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Kyle Loveridge

Operations Director

Personal Life and Family: Kyle Loveridge is not only a dedicated professional but also a devoted father to three energetic children and a loving husband to his partner, whom he's known since kindergarten. He cherishes spending time with his family and dog, exploring the mountains and sharing with them the beauty of nature.

Educational Background: Kyle's academic journey includes a business degree from Brigham Young University (BYU), equipping him with a solid foundation in business principles and management strategies.

Decade of Professional Experience: As the Operations Director at Chateau Health & Wellness, Kyle brings over a decade of experience in managing and optimizing Residential Treatment Programs and Schools. His deep understanding of the intricacies of these programs is a result of his dedicated career in the field.

Diverse Work Experience: Kyle's professional background is varied and extensive. He has worked with the State of Utah, numerous non-profits, residential schools, and programs specifically focused on addiction recovery. This breadth of experience enables him to approach his role at Chateau Health & Wellness with a unique and comprehensive perspective.

Mission and Professional Focus: Kyle is deeply committed to creating efficient systems and processes that enhance both client and employee success. His mission is to ensure that Chateau Health & Wellness operates seamlessly, providing the highest quality of care and support to those in recovery.

Vision for Operational Excellence: His vision is to continuously improve the operational aspects of Chateau Health & Wellness, ensuring that the organization not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its clients and staff. Kyle's leadership is characterized by a commitment to excellence and a passion for making a positive impact in the field of mental health and addiction recovery.

Kyle Loveridge
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