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John Corcoran

Alumni Coordinator

John Corcoran, fondly known as Cork, serves as the Director of First Responder Alumni at Chateau, bringing a wealth of experience from his 25-year tenure with the St. Paul Police

Department in St. Paul, MN. During his distinguished career, Cork served on the city's East Side in various capacities, including as a Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor, Drone Operator, and as an integral member of the Crisis Negotiation Team.

At Chateau, Cork's primary focus revolves around supporting, advocating for, and providing service to the First Responder Alumni—a role that resonates deeply with him. He has confronted and triumphed over mental health and alcohol challenges. Having attained three years of sobriety after his transformative experience at Chateau in 2020, Cork returned to his department reinvigorated, healthier, and fortified.

Passionate about the outdoors, Cork finds solace and tranquility amidst nature. Whether casting lines for trophy Muskies, perched in his deer stand for bow hunting, or luring in a grand flock of ducks, the natural world is where he discovers peace and rejuvenation.

Furthermore, his bond with his Therapy dog Auggie is invaluable. Auggie became an integral part of Cork's life during his time at Chateau, recommended by his therapist Jacquie after witnessing the positive impact of having a dog, Chief, involved in his therapy sessions.

Looking ahead, Cork eagerly anticipates many fulfilling years at Chateau, dedicated to giving back to the First Responder Alumni community. His journey exemplifies resilience, personal growth, and an unwavering commitment to supporting others through their own paths of healing and renewal.

John Corcoran
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