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Faith Morretti

Alumni Coordinator

Meet Faith, our Alumni Coordinator at Chateau, bringing a wealth of experience and a compassionate heart to her role. Before joining our team, Faith delved into the realms of Asian Medicine and Massage Therapy, embodying a dedication to natural health.

Her personal journey through recovery spans 11 years, igniting a fervent passion for supporting individuals grappling with PTSD, Mental Health challenges, and Addiction. Faith epitomizes the concept of "loving until others can love themselves," extending unwavering care and support to those in need.

Beyond her role as an Alumni Coordinator, Faith actively shares her expertise in yoga, meditation, and holistic well-being with clients. She's committed to guiding individuals on their path to self-leadership through consistent communication, aiding in their growth and re-entry into life's challenges.

Embracing the simplicity of life, Faith finds joy in spending time with her two sons, immersing herself in nature, taking leisurely walks, indulging in oil painting, and delving into the depths of Buddhist Philosophy.

For Faith, recovery is about freedom—freedom from PTSD, mental health struggles, and addiction. Her unwavering belief is that everyone deserves to meet their Higher Self and embrace a life of fulfillment and healing. Faith's dedication and holistic approach make her an invaluable asset in empowering alumni to navigate life's experiences with resilience and grace.

Faith Morretti
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