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Daiana Ramirez

Director of Nursing

Daiana's journey into becoming a mental health and wellness nurse comes from a very personal place, therefore she is extremely passionate about helping those in need of mental health. Daiana has a background working for behavioral health hospitals in detox and the high acuity units. During that phase of her journey, she learned unparalleled compassion and love for people who are struggling with mental health.

Through the years she has seen individuals heal and be liberated from lifetime struggles. Daiana has been a proven leader and has been well-educated. She is a Certified Instructor for Trauma Informed Care and is an American Heart Association Certified CPR/BLS instructor. 

Daiana has dedicated her free time to pursuing further knowledge to help others and to continue her own personal growth. She firmly believes that you get what you put into the universe. Daiana understands the importance of spiritually grounding oneself and she goes about doing that in nature, such as hiking and biking, and has gone as far as standing under waterfalls during her hikes. 

Daiana's vision is to help Chateau in the expansion of their care and treatment. With Daiana's diverse background, she understands the struggle of mental health and addiction and wants to provide the best possible care.

Daiana Ramirez
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