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Brad Shepherd

Director of Public Safety

Distinguished Law Enforcement Career: Brad Shepherd's notable 25-year career with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol culminated in his role as a Captain, during which he undertook various challenging assignments. His extensive experience in law enforcement has endowed him with invaluable skills and insights.

Wellness and Peer Support Expertise: During his career and following his retirement, Brad devoted five years to the non-profit wellness, peer support, and training community on a national level. This phase of his career was marked by his deepening commitment to mental health and addiction recovery.

Role at Chateau Recovery: At Chateau Recovery, Brad is instrumental in developing, implementing, and delivering a comprehensive training program. His work focuses on educating about trauma, mental health, and addiction, aiming to increase awareness, prevention, and connection.

Personal Journey and Motivation: Brad's personal experiences with trauma, mental health, and addiction fuel his passion for helping others. He is driven by the desire to assist individuals in finding peace and joy in their personal lives, relationships, and careers.


nstructor and Presenter: As an experienced presenter and instructor, Brad brings a wealth of knowledge to his discipline, making significant contributions to the field of public safety and wellness.

Brad Shepherd
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