What to Look for in a Utah Rehab Center

Taking the first step in recovery is often a hard one, and not knowing what to look for in an addiction recovery center can make it harder. Knowing what to look for in a substance addiction recovery center specifically here in Utah, will help make that first step easier. Here are a few of our own suggestions on what to keep in mind when considering alcohol or drug rehab from a recovery center in Utah.

Utah Inpatient versus Outpatient Therapy –

Is the center an inpatient recovery or outpatient therapy center? What’s the difference between the two? We’ve addressed the benefits of inpatient therapy and how it can help focus you solely on recovery. Depending on the level of addiction and dependence, either form of therapy can prove beneficial. For those who need to maintain their own daily regiment of work and or family life, outpatient therapy may be the better fit. For those struggling with a substance addiction and feel overwhelmed at times however, would find more benefit from an inpatient recovery center. Removing yourself from the current addictive routine will help strengthen and encourage a newfound focus on recovery. A few of the benefits of inpatient rehab include: Dedicated staff 24/7 support Expanded recovery activities Group therapy Whole self focus

Is the Recovery Program Traditional or Non-Traditional?

Recovery programs and tactics vary from center to center, but it’s important for you to know which method any given Utah rehab center may employ in their treatment. The question you need to answer is which is more suited to you, traditional or nontraditional recovery? To help answer that question, here a few of the key differences of each:

Traditional Recovery Programs- These programs are usually accepted by national and international recovery governing bodies and can help promote recovery through prescribed therapy. A few key elements include: -Follow a prescribed treatment/therapy process (12 step programs etc) -Utilize multiple different therapy methods -Group therapy -Individual counseling -Regularly scheduled sessions

Nontraditional Recovery Programs- The name says it all. These rehab programs usually offer more dynamic and individualized recovery methods. Centers who utilize non-traditional therapy and activities often offer methods such as: -Dual Diagnosis -Lifestyle counseling -Whole Self focused therapy -Holistic recovery methods -Value based recovery

Addiction therapy is not a “one size fits all” solution and finding the right rehab center in Utah that fits your specific need is key. Whether you are struggling with substance abuse or mental illness caused by substance abuse, there are addiction recovery centers that can help. Chateau Recovery, for instance, is a Utah based inpatient rehab center that offers nontraditional addiction therapy and counseling. Learn more if Chateau Recovery is the right fit for your rehabilitation needs by contacting us today!