What is SMART Recovery?

We are one of the few providers of SMART Recovery meetings in Utah.

Almost one in ten Americans is dependent on drugs or alcohol.  This statistic illustrates the dire need for addiction treatment centers. Various programs are available to assist a person who is starting the process of overcoming addiction, but lasting change must come from within. Self-empowering addiction treatment options seem fairly limited.

So… what else is there?

SMART Recovery is quickly becoming the most popular alternative to traditional 12 step groups. It’s not only free but also open to those who want to pursue help abolishing addiction from their lives. SMART Recovery uses science-based knowledge to assist people with problematic behavioral patterns. SMART stands for Self-Management And Recovery Training. We feel that all individuals who are seeking treatment should be informed of various options available to them, and choose the ones that resonate the most with them. SMART Recovery meetings are offered in both face-to-face settings and online to provide the best support to recovering addicts.

The SMART Recovery System Consists of Four Key Principles:

Building Motivation- The first step is to motivate oneself with his or her own will. Clients are taught the process of developing their innate motivation, which focuses on achieving goals through motivational interviewing (MI). Coping With Urges- A social group can help to cope with urges, because it provides the opportunity to turn to others when someone feels triggered. Online chats are available to communicate with the group to talk through urges.   Managing Behavior and Thoughts- Clients are taught to settle the conflict between internal aspiration and external response patterns. As a result, they respond in such a way which is healthy and effective. Achieving a Balanced Lifestyle- The ultimate goal of the program is to achieve techniques and strategies to live a balanced life. Clients need to create long term changes by focusing on health and wellbeing.

If you are looking for SMART Recovery meetings in Utah, please check out smartrecovery.org’s list of meetings here.