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Tim Dutter

Lead Tech

As Chateau Recovery’s Weekend Activities Director and one of the Lead Program Staff, Tim Dutter brings a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to guiding individuals on their path to rediscovering the joys of life. Hailing from New England, Tim pursued Therapeutic Recreation at the University of Southern Maine, laying the foundation for his dedicated career.

Tim's personal journey in recovery, spanning over eight years, has been transformative. Having undergone a wilderness therapy program at the age of 19, followed by a significant period in a residential program in Portland, Maine, he brings a unique understanding and empathy to his role.

Prior to his tenure at Chateau, Tim contributed three years to a wilderness program for adolescents in Utah, gaining invaluable experience that informs his work today.

As both a program staff member and Activities Director, Tim is resolute in helping residents rekindle the essence of joy and enjoyment in their lives. He fervently believes in the significance of rewarding, uplifting, and occasionally challenging activities, echoing their pivotal role in his own recovery journey.

Beyond his professional commitments, Tim finds solace and fulfillment in outdoor sports and music. An enthusiastic backcountry skier and climber, he ventures across the Western landscapes in pursuit of aesthetic ski mountaineering lines and lengthy free climbs. Tim's love for music, cultivated from a young age, has seen him perform on various stages throughout his life. Presently, he showcases his musical talents by singing and playing guitar in a local Salt Lake City-based band.

Tim Dutter
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