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Jacquie Nielson


Jacquie Neilson is a seasoned Clinical Mental Health Counselor renowned for her expertise in the field, currently serving as a pivotal member of the Chateau Health & Wellness team for over 8 years. With an impressive tenure of 18 years as a therapist, Jacquie has navigated diverse realms within mental health, specializing in addiction, MAT crisis intervention, trauma, and Internal Family Systems.

Her professional journey reflects a commitment to continuous growth and excellence, holding esteemed certifications as a CCTS (Certified Clinical Trauma Therapist), a Certified Grief Informed Professional, and a Master Addiction Counselor. Jacquie's academic contributions include instructing Criminal Justice at the University of Phoenix and steering operations as the Clinical Director at Discovery House.

Driven by her ethos of Value Oriented Healing, Jacquie passionately advocates for personal agency in the healing process. Her mantra, "We heal because we decide who we want to be, how we will treat others, and how we choose to treat ourselves," underscores her dedication to empowering individuals on their paths to recovery and self-discovery.

Beyond her clinical pursuits, Jacquie finds solace and expression through music, showcasing her talents as an accomplished singer in a choir. Her altruistic spirit extends to her volunteer engagements with OUR (Operation Underground Railroad) and the Protect Child Health Coalition, where she dedicates her time and skills to advocating for and safeguarding the welfare of vulnerable populations.

Jacquie Neilson epitomizes a multifaceted professional whose unwavering commitment to mental health advocacy, coupled with her diverse skill set and compassionate approach, continues to positively impact the lives of those she serves at Chateau Health & Wellness and within the broader community.

Jacquie Nielson
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