Smart Technology Used in Addiction Recovery and Treatment

Smart Technology Used in Addiction Recovery and Treatment

When it comes to addiction, I think that we can all agree that the road to sobriety can be a long, arduous, and very hard one.

While there are many ways, systems, and approaches to overcome addiction, conversely, there are many different things that can make addiction even worse.

And, it seems that the biggest secret out there to overcoming addiction is finding a system or approach that works for each specific addicted individual.

That means, those looking for help need to check out all the tools that are available to them regarding addiction recovery, and then delve into and focus on what seems to be the best tool for what they are looking for, what works for them and their particular lifestyle, and what they merely seem to prefer.

Just like with anything else in life, all addicts are not created equal. And, every addict requires something different regarding their own addiction recovery process.

While some addicts might respond best to recovery tools which involve group therapy consistently and regularly, others might be best suited when left in more of a quiet and peaceful situation, with an emphasis on both meditation and one-on-one treatment.

No matter which approach works with each addict in question, the purpose of all addiction recovery is to end the addiction as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

For an addict to be able to free themselves from the throes of addiction and come out on the other side with a newfound zest and love for life and one’s self.

There is no doubt that addiction is hard for anyone in the midst of it, but we need to work together and do what we can to stop addiction dead in its tracks and make sure it never resurfaces or comes back in the future.


Can A Smartphone Work as An Addiction Recovery Tool?

With all the different addiction recovery approaches out there, one of the newest, brightest, and best modern approaches to addiction recovery is infusing technology, apps, and smartphones in the mix.

This new-age approach to addiction recovery is now being used by more and more people, and this is because technology is the name of the game these days, in almost all respects.

While smartphone technology might not work for all addicts, using it in regard to addiction recovery is turning out to be quite a successful approach for many, and seems to be gaining even more positive momentum as time marches on.

The reality is that most of us are always glued to our smartphones and computers.

We rely on them to get us through our day, and we also depend on these sources of technology when it comes to all types of different things in our lives.

In one sense, our smartphones and computers have become our most important and prized possession that we all always have to use and have with us .

Specifically, our smartphones provide us with security and peace of mind, just as much as they provide us with happiness, joy, and entertainment.

We rely on our cell phones to get us from point A to point B, and we also use our smartphones to message and keep in touch with our friends, family, and loved ones.

Many of us check our emails and text messages and social media profiles on our cell phones, just as much as we read loads and loads of reviews on where to shop and dine next.

We get information from our smartphones, just as much as we gain understanding and clarity from them. There is no doubt that we really and truly love our smartphones and computers. And, this is the main reason why technology is becoming one of the best and most advantageous ways for an addict to overcome addiction.

Once a new and very modern approach that was not used very often is now becoming the quintessential tool for addicts who are looking to get clean and sober once and for all.

Why Smartphones Might Be The Best Answer To Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery has a lot to do with preference and desire. If someone wants to quit or recover from an addiction, the most important thing is that they have to want it.

They have to want to stop their addiction dead in its tracks, at whatever cost is necessary. And, they have to be ready to drastically change their lives and learn to become better and more stable individuals.

Addiction recovery is a lot like a game someone plays with themselves. These addicted individuals must use whatever tools they have in their arsenal to stop their addiction once and for all, which is not always as easy as it may seem.

The root of addiction is despair and lack, which means, to end an addiction, one needs to learn to truly learn to love themselves, appreciate their lives and show gratitude, and learn the power of saying no to things that are not healthy or beneficial.


Using Positivity In Addiction Recovery

When people choose to become sober, they must use all of their strength to say no. They must make the critical decision to get healthy and end their addiction finally.

For many, smartphone apps can help immensely in this respect. The purpose of a smartphone is to be a helpful tool for one’s life. This means that our smartphones could include being a tool for messaging and emails, just as much as it could be used as a tool for finding positivity in simple things, clarity in one’s life, and the mental strength needed to go on just one more day.

Some great ways that a smartphone app could help an addict overcome their addiction is with positive-thinking apps, prayer apps, meditation apps, and just everyday inspirational apps.

When people are in the throes of addiction, they are not in the right place mentally, spiritually, or physically. And, to overcome their addiction, they need first to get out their negative state of mind and then move forward.

Simply reading inspirational quotes or reading bible excerpts can do wonders for the addiction recovery process. Just as much as beautiful photos of nature can help as well, so can quotes and positive reading material.

It might seem simple, but these easy and simple things are quite beneficial for addicts to use to change their focus to things that are positive instead of negative when attempting to end their addiction.

Here are a few helpful, positive apps that can be used for addiction recovery:

  1. Headspace – A soothing meditation app that helps addicts get into a peaceful state of mind.

  2. Sleep Cycle – An app used to monitor sleep patterns, which helps addicts get into a regular sleep cycle.

  3. Day One Journal – An excellent journaling app. It has been shown that journaling can help those afflicted with all types of mental issues, especially those with addiction issues.

  4. Lifesum – An app designed for physical and bodily health. This app helps those looking to start eating a healthier diet and following a healthier lifestyle.

  5. Think Up – A motivational app that is designed to facilitate positive thinking skills and negate negative thinking patterns.


The Best Apps for Addiction Recovery Are Message Boards And Communication Tools

With all the amazing smartphone apps out there, there are a few that are proven to help with addiction recovery more directly, and these include apps and websites that employ professionals as well as other addicts messaging each other about day to day life, plaguing issues, problems, and addiction.

It has been shown that one of the main reasons for addicted individuals not being able to stop their addiction is due to them living an isolated lifestyle. And, there is no doubt that the majority of addicted people feel quite alone and isolated in their day to day lives.

Many of these addicted individuals don’t have a sounding board for their thoughts, dreams, wishes, desires, hopes, fears, issues, or problems, and they don’t have anyone to talk to about what they are dealing with on a day to day basis regarding their addiction.

And, this is the exact reason why addiction/recovery messaging boards, apps, and websites are so powerful.

What an addiction recovery messaging board, website, or app does is allow an addicted individual to speak anonymously (or openly) and express themselves in an open forum, or one on one to someone over the internet or through a smartphone app.

These addicted individuals can write down and communicate exactly what they are thinking, feeling, and doing at any given time.


They are also able to do this wherever they happen to be, which means in a sense, they are never alone, no matter where they are. In some cases, there are addiction recovery messaging boards, apps, and websites where video or voice calls are possible with addiction specialists.

The reality is that these new technological advancements are beneficial options for those looking to end their addictions once and for all.

Addiction recovery professionals, therapists, psychologists, as well as volunteers who are interested in helping can speak to addicted individuals on a one on one or group level basis online, and possibly even do video or a voice call.

And, this seems to work remarkably well for addicted individuals looking to get clean, since they feel that they are never alone, which is miraculous, and usually extremely helpful.

The best aspect about most of these apps, online message boards, and websites is that they happen to be very low cost, or even free.

There are a slew of these types of apps out there, especially as of late, and some of the most popular include “Talkspace” ; a therapy app where anyone can ask a therapist any question that they would like, any time of the day or night.

This serves to help those looking to get their questions answered, and to help addicted individuals feel much less alone.

Some other similar apps and websites to “Talkspace” include, a phone, video, and chat therapy website, 7 Cups: Anxiety & Stress Chat, Sibly – Mental Health Coach, and Pacifica For Stress & Anxiety.

These are all great options for those looking to get help right from their smartphone or computer, in the easiest, quickest, and simplest way possible.


Addiction Is Tough: Technology Can Help

At the end of the day, there is no doubt that addiction recovery is tough. No matter how strong someone appears to be on the outside, they can very well still be caught up in the throes of addiction on the inside, and victim to the tight hold that addiction has over them day in and day out.

Just as much as we are all human beings with faults, desires, and needs, also means that we all need to help addicted individuals do what is necessary to get the help that they need to stop their addiction dead in its tracks.

Thankfully, technology is making this process a bit easier. With the ease of use and convenience of technology, addicted individuals are now able to utilize technology to their advantage, especially when it comes to their recovery process.

Smartphone apps, websites, and online messaging boards are becoming more and more advanced with each passing day. And, while the stigma of addiction remains, addiction recovery is becoming much more popular and mainstream, as well as much more normalized thanks to the advent of open communication forums from websites and message boards.

What this all means is that when it comes to addiction recovery, there is no one right way or wrong way to go about it.

The best way out is simply what works, which these days, seems to be technologically advanced recovery tools that utilize smartphone technology, apps, and websites to set addicted individuals free.

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