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First Response Mental Health | Peer Connect

First Response Mental Health is a Canadian company, headquartered in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Their company was founded by individuals who worked closely with first responder organizations to understand the intricacies and subtleties of the mental health landscape, the stressors that first responders are exposed to, and the support systems in place to protect and support them.PeerConnect is the result of years of co-development and research with these front line first responders, health professionals, professionals in high-stress occupations, and researchers in the fields of psychology and social work. PeerConnect has been field tested, and incorporates real-life learning and evidence-based feedback from users, supervisors, administrators and researchers.

Chateau Recovery understands the unique challenges and needs facing first responders of all backgrounds. First Responses Peer Connect App is designed to make it easier for these individuals to connect with one another. The app features a platform that allows first responders to share their stories, offer support, and find resources in times of need. With this technology, first responders can access a community of their peers for help, support, and connection.

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