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Family | Scott and Liz Brown

Scott and Liz Brown Discuss Trauma and their Marriage

On October 24, 2014, Scott was involved in a several-hour and highly publicized shooting that claimed the life of their friend and partner, Danny Oliver, and several hours later, Detective Michael Davis. That incident proves to be a pivotal moment for Scott and his wife, Liz.Liz and Scott are now speaking about their story and what they’ve learned, both apart and together. Concerns for Police Survivors and How2LoveOurCops have been instrumental in their healing, and they are now speaking for both organizations.

Scott Brown has since authored the book Facing Evil. Check it out via Amazon or at

At No One Fights Alone Podcast, we believe family is essential to any successful marriage. We understand the challenges and rewards of nurturing relationships together and strive to provide resources so couples can strengthen their bond. Whether it’s communication advice or tips for managing finances, we want to help families find what works best for them. Our podcast offers actionable advice, informed by real-life experience, to make sure that relationships last. Join us at the No One Fights Alone Podcast.

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