It is very important to live a balanced life.  Too often people either get over involved in one area of their life, thus neglecting other vital aspects of living, or they under utilize the various aspects of their life thus depriving themselves of a complete and full life.  The following is a series of questions we ask our clients to ponder and then answer for themselves in private, or, in group and individual sessions.  Taking time to assess how we are doing in our journey is as important, and sometimes more important than getting there.  These questions provide a brief check-in into vital areas of our lives.  Grab some paper and something to write with and answer the questions for yourself.  See how you are doing and where you are experiencing success and see in what areas you can do even better.



  1. How you are taking care of your physical health.

  2. How are you sleeping, eating and exercising?


  1. Describe your overall emotional state.

  2. How is your stress?

  3. How much do you love yourself?

  4. How often do you feel happy?

  5. What emotions are you aware of right now?

  6. What emotions are you aware of most often?


  1. The biggest issues I am struggling to manage are:

  2. List your personal strengths

  3. List the most important values in your life

  4. The most important values I am neglecting in my life are:

  5. How well do you accept yourself?


Evaluate about the following.  How well do you:

  1. Understand where other people are coming from?

  2. Communicate your feelings in relationships?

  3. Listen deeply and let others know that you hear and recognize the feelings behind the words?

  4. Express gratitude to others?

  5. Practice forgiveness?


  1. Describe anuplifting or inspirationalexperience you had recently

  2. What provides meaning and purpose to your life?

  3. In your personal life, where are you in moving from:

  4. fear to trust?

  5. self-pity to gratitude?

  6. resentment to acceptance?

  7. dishonesty to honesty?