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Addiction Recovery and Treatment: Create or find your higher power

Find a higher power you can trust, believe, and live with… One that works for you.

The Dilemma of understanding and finding your Higher Power

Addiction is a very distinctive disorder that not only affects a person physically but also spiritually. Featured in a 12-step addiction program is the definition of the spiritual concept of addiction, which goes thus, “we came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

For those that do not believe there is a God, they are liable to falter on the idea of “Supernatural Powers.” It is impossible for a person that does not believe in supernatural powers to come to terms with such a power in getting rid of addiction from his or her life.

Are you caught up in this dilemma? There are other people just like you. It is possible to go through the 12-step program without having to compromise on your faith and religion. Hence, there is no need to think that it isn’t meant for you.

With the aid of the 12-step program, participants discover that it helps them connect better with themselves, other people, and their immediate environment. This is independent of the supernatural power they chose.

One significant detail to keep in your heart in the process of the 12-step program (especially during drug and alcohol rehab), is that you are at liberty to choose who your supernatural power would be.

You are not limited to what you can make your supernatural power. You are solely responsible for that decision.


Your Magical supernatural Power?

There is no specific definition of who or what the supernatural power is, but having one is of extreme importance.

Believers of God have more tendency to hand over the reins and control of situations to that God, who is helping them overcome the addiction, completely.

It might be an uphill task for those that do not believe in God, in choosing a supernatural power. They are faced with the temptation of not being a part of the supernatural thing. However, it is very pertinent to the recovery process.

According to research, there is an association between aspects of spirituality and positive outcomes for trauma survivors. This includes victims of depression and PTSD. In most cases, addiction can be a result of trauma, inhumane life experiences, or other situations that people find unbearable.

For these sets of persons faced with difficult life situations, getting to master a healthy spiritual lifestyle might help give life a sense of purpose and direction.


What does a Supernatural power look like?

Getting to have a supernatural can be a very daunting task initially. It was tough not to be able to live the way I wanted. In surrendering to God, I surrendered all that means more to me, to him. Including my meals, time, faith, friends, family, and even my job.

I live perfectly with his will. In cases where I am unsure about eating a meal, I simply talk to God, “What do I do?”. I get a response in which he tells me, “Your body needs to be nourished regularly. Let’s go eat dinner now”.

Also, in dating, if I don’t feel too good about it, I simply ask God, and he would reply to that effect, “You need to be around someone that makes you shine like a star”. God is all I need when it comes to a healthy and protective voice of self-preservation; without him I would simply be dead in a gutter.

What is your supernatural power like?

I have a very intelligent sponsor. He told me that in the beginning, his higher power was a doorknob because he wasn’t religious and didn’t believe in God as a higher power.

He felt that to add a God to his life suddenly, his treatment program would be ingenuous and ineffective. Instead, he grabbed the first non-spiritual thing he could find… a doorknob… and made it his higher power.

Eventually, he created what for him was a perfect ‘Higher Power’, one that correctly serves him and his recovery efforts.

His higher power is his recovery and treatment program. He thinks of his self designed and managed program as a ‘Power greater than myself,’ and it provides him with strength and success as he moves forward in recovery.

Here is how he describes his Higher Power and his program:

  1. My recovery program is my Higher Power.

  2. It is carefully designed to keep me positive and growing in my recovery.

  3. With this program, I am rebuilding my life and future.

  4. It makes me happy.

  5. It gives me strength and keeps me on track.

  6. It is loaded with encouragement and positivity.

  7. It is non-formal, relaxed, and fun.

  8. It keeps me relaxed and calm and is my source of peace when I am anxious.

  9. Thinks of me as a smart and intelligent person.

  10. Includes the participation of therapists, councilors, and other professionals that work with me in my recovery program.

  11. Listens to other people in recovery as they share their advice and success stories.

  12. My Higher Power program is always with me.

“If it were not for my supernatural power, it might have been impossible for me to enjoy a full recovery.”

“When I face challenges in life that I can’t just handle on my own, I consult with my therapist. Coupled with these, I take a comprehensive journal and take good care of myself. However, I wouldn’t have been able to do all these alone without the aid of my supernatural power.”

“Before the times I had my supernatural power; I made my own rules. Following the new program and rules is very easy, and it is much easier to live in my recovery world.”


Choosing your supernatural power in drug and alcohol rehab

In the 12-step guide, you will find it most times, quoted that there is something more than yourself guiding your life. This will serve as a call to focus and a source of motivation to you, through the days of recovery.

Even upon graduation, it would help you scale through many situations, and you will live a great life.

It is not impossible that you don’t believe in God. However, it is pertinent that you have a supernatural power you believe in. You don’t need to feel pressured about what other persons choose in the drug rehab program. Your supernatural power is personal to you. It means the world to you.

You might be lost at the start of the 12-step program; however, here are some tips to help with the definition of your own personal supernatural power.

  1. Nature: Nature is a very powerful force. Its perfect beauty which gives us a balanced environment. It can be very calming to connect spiritually with nature, bringing about a great deal of rest. For some people, it might be easier to believe in the guidance of nature, especially those who are fond of taking morning walks as they watch the sunrise. Of those who hike through the forest as they soak up the beauty of animals and plants.

  2. Love: Love is another powerful force that connects people. It brings about happiness, mutual respect, and kindness. It is very amazing if you choose to love your supernatural power. With it, you will notice that it helps you with treating other people with more dignity and compassion. You will also learn to love yourself, which is an important aspect of recovery.

  3. Reality: When you allow reality to dawn on you, it might be really helpful. Such that, you now understand that your physical condition cannot permit you to get drunk with alcohol. Also, coming to terms with the fact that you might end up losing a loved one if you continue, could help you with total abstinence. For some people, this is just the perfect supernatural power they need to believe in if they don’t believe in God.

  4. Music: Music is more than just the words; it is spiritual, connecting with the soul of man. With music, you can do away with stress, anxiety, and it helps people with the expression of strong emotions and feelings.

You don’t need to be in a hurry to define your supernatural power, take your time.

You should ensure that you frequently engage in conversations with other people in the recovery group who have found their supernatural powers, it might just be helpful with you finding yours. You might not find it immediately, but with persistence and determination to see through your recovery process, you will surely find it.

Getting involved in the 12-step program, being in the midst of support groups while in an addiction treatment center is a good step in the right direction. It is a great chance to define and connect with your own supernatural power, as you master an addiction-free life.


Various recovery programs have multiple approaches to recovery. Alcoholic anonymous makes use of finding your supernatural power. This continues irrespective of the misconstrued perception that some people paint about it.

Most addicts think that this is a “God thing,” and this prevents them from seeking recovery. This is a wrong perception that addicts have been exposed to, right from a young age. This brings about addiction, as there is a void in such a person that needs to be connected to supernatural power.

Most things addicts do are dictated by their wills, but this is mere illusion. There are things that are simply beyond the control of humans, but subject to supernatural powers.

When you are in strong connection to a higher power, things can be relatively easier. The 12-step program is however, not based on religion, but on the spirituality in supernatural powers. To a layman, there might be no difference, but there surely are distinctions between the two.

Difference between Religion and Spirituality

With the aid of spirituality, your heart can be exposed to specific ideologies. It causes you to treat others rightly, just as you would have treated yourself. When you do this, there are no regrets, just blissful feeling of joy in its simplest form.

Most religions of the world are characterized by fear. To be specific, fear of the unknown consequences of your actions. Spirituality is defined by love. It involves you focusing your energy to show love rather than fear.

Making decisions as a result of love will strengthen you, as they are made with bravery and enrichment of the soul. Religion is based on fact, with either a white or black side. This can be seen from myths on the creation of the world to the reasons behind the existence of man.

However, with spirituality, you get more insight and understanding of these concepts. With spirituality, it is possible to embark on a journey of self-discovery, and there is no limitation as to how far you can always go.

You might be in a similar situation with someone else, but your personal spiritual journey would ensure that you are braver, and face the world head-on, without having to be addicted.

How to find your Spiritual power

Start small

When it comes to abstinence, the first thing is not necessarily believing in God or any formal religion. Supernatural power simply refers to your understanding of your god.

First, you need to understand what you believe in, and what might be preventing you from believing in that supernatural power.

With the help of a therapist, you can always be guided on your way to having a supernatural power.

Exploring what you believe might not be easy, so also is letting go of things beyond your control. However, to attain abstinence and perfect mental health, it would be a necessary action.

Be open minded

You should get the opinion on what it means to be open-minded. You don’t need to agree with everybody; your mind just needs to be open to take in as much information as possible.

The information you are exposed to will help you in making an informed decision on who to connect with, in your journey of understanding the concept of supernatural powers.

Admit that you are not God

In the 12-step program, the very first step is that you admit that you are an addict. You should also admit that you have no control over your addiction.

When you accept that you are powerless, it helps you in wanting to subject yourself to a supernatural power. With this, you are on the right path towards recovering and healing faster. Though, it requires a great deal of courage.

Pray and meditate

When you admit that you are powerless, and you are surrendered to a supernatural power, then, you need to talk. You might not see who you are talking to, but there is a sense of connection it gives you, to your supernatural power.

There is much more to it than talking. It also involves you being serene, listening, still and with a calm mind. You should ensure that you find a posture that affords you this peace without distractions, either from a cell phone, music, or TV.

When you sit still, pray and practice being in the moment, you would be able to discover yourself in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.


Don’t do it alone

Currently, in your life, drugs might have replaced spirituality in your life, but you can always recover and surrender to a supernatural power.

Rather than letting them burden you, you should allow the supernatural power to take over situations beyond your control. Your recovery is left to you.

If you need help with your recovery, you can get in touch with the Hotline at our Recovery Center where trained and experienced professionals are available to assist you in every way.

The staff at Chateau Recovery is always available to help you with all of your questions regarding addiction recovery and treatment. Call anytime.

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