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5 Best First Responder Podcasts

Mental health is a crucial part of the public safety community. That's why first responder podcasts are such an important resource for educating and informing those in the field.

They provide insight into important topics such as mental illness, trauma-informed care, crisis response, and more. We've curated a list of the top podcasts for first responders.

Whether you're new to the field or have years of experience, these resources will help you stay up-to-date on relevant topics and learn from some of the most experienced professionals in the community.

No One Fights Alone Podcast

No One Fights Alone is a podcast focused on mental health resources, stories of overcoming adversity, and how the community is utilizing new tools to help First Responders.

Brad Shepherd and Austin Pederson bring their knowledge and expertise from working in the field to help people learn about the options they have when looking for help.

Enduring the Badge Podcast

Enduring The Badge Podcast is the place to learn how to navigate the difficult transition from work to home, discover ways to thrive on and off duty, and overcome personal challenges.

Their conversation-optimized content is designed to keep you engaged and entertained while providing valuable insights into the lives of First Responders.

Changing the Culture

Maine law enforcement officer Autumn Clifford created Changing the Culture to help first responders and their families survive both on- and off-duty.

The podcast focuses on “emotional and spiritual wellness for sheepdogs everywhere” and past episodes have covered topics such as resiliency, meditation, and mental health. Having overcome her own battles with injury, depression, and anxiety, Autumn reminds her audience that they wouldn’t go to work without their external Kevlar, so “why would you not put on your internal Kevlar, too?”

The Squad Room

The lessons taught in The Squad Room come from years of experience – often through the most difficult of personal and professional challenges. Resilience, emotional intelligence, trauma resolution, leadership wins, and leadership losses have all been part of my experience. There is nothing in our conversations that is strictly theoretical or academic. These are the real-life wins and losses he has accumulated over my lifetime that he's chosen to share.

Breaking the Stigma- First Responders and Mental Health

Breaking the Stigma with Jasmin Peach is a podcast aimed at breaking down the barriers of speaking out about Mental Health within a First Responder organisation, and showing everyone that it is strong to speak out.

Jasmin speaks with a wide variety of people who share their own experiences with being a First Responder, the good, the bad, and the Mental Health side. Jasmin touches on signs to look out for when experiencing trauma, and what advice would be given to someone considering becoming a First Responder. It's not all serious! She also talks about the fun and weird things encountered.

Chateau supports the podcasts that are available to the First Responder Community. Check out all of these podcasts when you get the chance!

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